Professional Development

We offer a variety of professional development workshops aimed to improve your school and team’s communication and creativity.

Making with Teachers
Teachers learn about our Makerspace – Media Studio and the tools we have.  They get hands-on instruction while making a project and guidance developing a project to bring back to their class / students.

Customized Team Building & Project Based Learning
We work with you to customize an interactive session that uses Project Based Learning to get your team hands-on, working together and thinking creatively.

School District Programs

We work with school districts offering GATE programs to develop classes hosted at our Makerspace – Media Studio. 


School Visits

Plan your next school field trip with us!  Please contact us to schedule your visit.

School Field Trips
Coordinated & Customized PBL for Students (2 hr)
Working closely with teachers, we offer class visits where students can work on skills / projects that they may have started in class but finish here in the Makerspace – Media Studio.

Tours w/hands on play & making (45 – 90 mins)
Schedule a class tour of our Makerspace – Media Studio where we’ll tell students about the tools we have and how they are used.  Students can play with various “exhibits,” exploring concepts such as: circuitry, building structure, and coding.

School Visits
PBL for Students (45 – 90 min)
We can also come to your school / class and get your students building and making a simple project.  Contact us for more details.

Special Projects

We help companies, groups and adults become more productive and creative through hands-on MAKER – MEDIA  workshops exploring how to use 21st century tools and technology. Call us to see how we can provide a fun learning experience.